Epic Voyages

Explore our collection of epic river cruise voyages and enjoy our state-of-the-art Star-Ships for longer

If you’re struggling to decide on which of our river cruises you’d like to embark on, don’t worry, we offer a selection of Epic Voyages meaning you can travel with us for longer.

Combining two, or even three of our award-winning river cruises, our epic Voyages are specially crafted to complement each-other perfectly.

With our Three Rivers Discovery itinerary you’ll start in Nice and finish in Porto, cruising the iconic Rhône, Saône & Douro rivers all in one trip. Discover the flavors of Southern France and delights of Portugal on this 15-day adventure.

Or for a truly epic journey, cruise along the Rhine, Main and Danube all in one incredible 23-day voyage between Amsterdam and Bucharest. In this trip you’ll engulf the dramatic history and culture of nine different European countries.

Don’t forget, if you book your 2022 Epic river cruise voyage now you can enjoy some incredible limited-time offers.  

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