12 Nov 2021

Discover the Rhône in five recipes

Overlooking the city of Vienne Isere in France with red roofs and a river Overlooking the city of Vienne Isere in France with red roofs and a river

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Food & Drinks

Travelling through France is never complete without sampling the culinary delights on offer throughout the country.

Fine dining, finer wines and a cheese selection of which dreams are made, few cuisines around the world can better that of the French.

Home to stunning works of art, spellbinding architecture and significant cultural remnants, the reasons one might visit France are truly endless. Yet, what calls us back again and again to this fascinating country is its sensational cuisine. Paired with a renowned viticulture which produces some of the world's most beloved wines, French gastronomy is truly in a league of its own. From the smoked meats and hefty cheeses in the north to the delicate world-class cuisine of the south, seemingly every part of the country has grown a delectable unique culinary culture. And of France's most magical, is the legendary cuisine you'll discover throughout the small Provençal towns and sun-soaked cities along the Rhône.

With beautiful wine regions flanking the winding course of the river and timeless communes preserving fiercely-guarded recipes, this region in the South of France offers a foodie route that will warm both your heart and belly. Few places in the world can boast so much heritage and forward-thinking culinary ambition in such abundance as this beautiful stretch of France.

Thinking of exploring the Rhône for yourself? Get a taste of the region with these five delicious recipes and get inspired for your next great culinary adventure.

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